Sunday, 23 December 2012

Pragmatic Theory Presents 'New Classic'

Some alternative Christmas listening for you here, as the long running collective of artists that make up  Pragmatic Theory drop a new release entitled 'New Classic'. This wonderful compilation is free in conjuncture with Rhythm 22.

If you're like me and you can't stand this time of year, then 'New Classic' is certainly an advisable listen. Taking you to a place where it isn't cold and miserable but instead warm and uplifting.  With a total of 36 tracks, 'New Classic' is a perfect testament of what is currently happening in the weird and wonderful world    of instrumental Hip-Hop. 

Notable heavy-hitters such as Lanquid, Weirddough , Handbook and JA:KOVA all provide stunning contributions, also the addition of lesser known individuals like Sev Seveer and DEAD HORSE BEATS- for example- offer some remarkable beats consequential making 'New Classic' a real highlight of 2012. Essentially,  if you're searching for a nice and relaxing listen yet you're also in need to feed your head-nodding addiction (it's a serious disease) then 'New Classic' is perfectly suited to your needs. 

So, therefore why not light the fire, sing a carol, put a plastic hat on your head ,try not to upset all of your family round the dinner table and whack 'New Classic' on. It might not get you into the festive spirit and Grandma might not approve but it if forward-thinking music is your thing, then 'New Classic' may be the best (and cheapest) release you'll receive this Christmas.   

Start the Christmas festivities right here:

-Samuel Hughes

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