Sunday, 4 November 2012

Handbook - Delicate Wings (Terry Callier Tribute)

Collaborator with the likes of Massive Attack and Beth Orton, Jazz singer-songwriter Terry Callier unfortunately passed away on October 27 2012.  Up there with the likes of Curtis Mayfield and Jerry Butler, Callier was a huge influence to many.

Here, we see York's finest Handbook, a.k.a Jake Brown pay fitting tribute to the man himself with 'Delicate Wings'.  This tune is essentially a play on Callier's haunting 'Butterflly'.  Handbook takes his iconic voice and pitches the vocals up.  This works perfectly over Brown's simple yet crisp drums, the swirling arp hook, the subtle piano riff and the melancholic string pattern.

Certainly as of late, Handbook has certified himself as one of the key-players in the underground instrumental Hip-Hop scene and this track is a prime example of this accolade.  Rest In Peace Terry Callier.

- Samuel Hughes

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