Thursday, 25 October 2012

Maxxi Soundsystem - Stella's Way (Huxley Remix)

Here we see the man responsible for creating, in my opinion, one of the most incredible tracks of recent years. I am of course talking about Michael Dodman a.k.a Huxley and his track 'Box Clever'.  The credentials that he displayed in said tune established him as one of the top producers of the moment and the skills that earned him this are on full display in his outstanding remix of Futureboogie advocate Maxxi Soundsystem's 'Stella's Way'. This track is forthcoming on Maceo Plex's label, Ellum Audio.

Huxley takes this track to an entirely new level, making it obviously different in comparison to the original. The sampled female voice is euphoric, whilst the lead bass-line is incredibly dark and moody. As a result of this, Huxley creates a beautiful juxtaposition of these elements. In the bridge, we welcome ambient synth sounds, swaying from ear to ear and consequentially fitting perfectly with that vocal sample.

However, I cannot explain how much I love that bass line! The descending deep riff is  catchy and just sits in unison with everything else. Huxley's reputation as one of the best is by no means in jeopardy.

For all you vinyl heads, this is out now. For those wanting a digital copy, you will have to wait until the 5th November.

-Samuel Hughes

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