Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Dark Sky & Breach - The Click/The Fallout

50 Weapons alumni Dark Sky team up with Breach to release 'The Click' with the B side 'The Fallout' on Breach's own London based label Naked Naked records, forthcoming 11th Febuary.

In a recent interview with Trap magazine Breach stated the importance of melody to his productions, it is subsequently fitting then that his latest release with Dark Sky perfectly exemplifies this. Both the A Side 'The Click' and B Side 'The Fallout' focus on a deep bass line as the main hook; with the former more concentrated on providing a darker vibe than 'The Fallout's' somewhat euphoric and harmonious main melodic pattern.  'The Click's' bass line fits perfectly over the tribal drums and strange noises quintessential to the Breach sound, whilst the ambient sharp synth stabs preceding the second drop showcase the talents that Dark Sky possess.  The subtle variation of this production is what makes it shine, for example, the addition of open hi-hats to the second drop will instantly get your head nodding off its frame...

'The Fallout' is equally as impressive, the chopped up vocal works wonderfully over yet another catchy bass line and the Chicago house drums. Although structurally quite simple, both production teams really demonstrate,again, their love for subtly. After many listens, the ears are met with new beautifully timed atmospheric sounds, swaying from ear to ear and conscience to sub-conscience. 

 So whether you are a music anorak, a producer or a camo wearing teenager with pupils the size of Venus and sweat pouring down you like Jimmy Saville at a nursery open day (too soon?), you will without a doubt be hearing this one soon.

Prepare yourselves...

- Samuel Hughes

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