Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Network - Pentagon

Pretty much any tune that opens with a sample from the film 'Drive' gets an instant tick in my book and Network have done just that. This certified chart system banger is a free download through their Soundcloud page.

'Pentagon' features a lot of variety, opening with the aforementioned 'Drive' sample we are then met with subtle atmospherics, a perfectly produced bass drum, infections closed hi-hats and a cowbell which would sound very at home on a DFA release. That is until shit gets real at the 1.46 mark. The ear is now met with a bass heavy- Acid House lead melodic pattern, comparatively similar to Boddika's 'Warehouse'. As the song progresses we are met again with the cowbell's from earlier, with the addition an ambient reversed cymbal effect to introduce a new instrument into the mix.

The second bridge features a synth pattern similar to something from Faithless' back catalogue, with what I can only imagine is a Fender Rhodes lingering in the background. Bringing us to the second drop which is, albeit the same as the first, but nevertheless it still packs an apocalyptic sized punch.

All in all, Network have been releasing banger after banger, all for free on their Soundcloud and 'Pentagon' is no exception. Really brilliant stuff.

     -Samuel Hughes

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