Sunday, 21 October 2012

French Fries - Space Alarm

Since I first got into electronic music, Dirtybird Records has always been a point of reference for the most cutting-edge styles of bass music. This forthcoming release from French Fries is a prime example of why Dirtybird is becoming a household name for dance music pursuits.

Last year saw the release of 'Yo Vogue' a tune that along with its' VIP and many remixes kept teenagers gurning and DJs spinning the tune for along time, certifying itself as one of the stand-out tracks from 2011. The self-titled A side is in the same vein of 'Yo Vogue' but through several listens, the track restrains itself respectfully, never going over the top but providing listeners with the low-end bass lines and killer percussion that makes 'French Fries' something special.

The second track on the release 'Smoke Wine' is quintessentially French Fries, the off-beat samples, tribal rhythms and the repetition of the words "Smoke Wine" in your typical slow-motion black gentleman speaking way is familiar, yet never dull.

The remixes that accompany this release are never short of exceptional themselves. House music's man of the moment Justin Martin takes to 'Space Alarm' in a way that only Martin himself could do.  The weird noises and percussive elements that  feature are what make Martin, Martin.  Dirtybird newcomers GoldFFinch take on 'Smoke Wine' is sublime; the typical UK Funky drums take this thing right out of your headphones and into the club. A sterling effort from the boys in Belgium.

All in all, a release I cannot wait to drop.
Check a preview of it below

- Samuel Hughes

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