Monday, 22 October 2012

George FitzGerald - Needs You

Prominent Hot Flush Recordings member George FitzGerald is snatched up by Hypercolour recordings for his latest 12" release. This change is most obvious, as we see FitzGerald diversify himself to another level, fusing together garage and house to ultimately create two intricate sets of music quite different to his previous releases.

'Needs You' builds in a progressive manner, the male voice hiding behind the repetitive, yet melodiously pleasing bass line ultimately climaxing into something beautiful which  merit of an exceptional level can immediately be found. The bouncing bass and the low-end kick drum coexist wonderfully and the addition of the underlying synths only but add to this rush of sonic euphoria. You will- without a shadow of doubt- be hearing this one soon.

The B-side to this release is titled 'Every Inch' and continues in the same vein as the A-side. FitzGerald demonstrates his love for sweeping and subtle harmonies again in this tune as they gently sway from ear to ear. The gentle claps throughout are a pleasing addition,  especially when added to the multiple melodic patterns that weave in and out of your sub-conscience on top of a restrained garage beat equalling in a much more relaxed production in comparison to the A side.

Swiss producer Deetron shows us his talents on his remix of 'Every Inch'. The filtered drums preceding the drop keep the listener anxious for what is in store. Deetron provides us with an array of psychedelic sounds, maintaining his focus on the Acid bass and tremolo synth patterns throughout.  The driving force of this song however comes from the subtle additions that only transpire after multiple listens; consisting the blissed out twinkles and deep bass grooves that keep things fresh and new throughout.

This bad boy will see a release on the 19th Novemeber.

George FitzGerald - Needs You (clip)

-Samuel Hughes

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