Thursday, 25 October 2012

Kry Wolf & Claude VonStroke - Turbosteppa

Dirtybird mastermind Claude VonStroke and up and coming boys in the UK Bass scene Kry Wolf have teamed up to release 'Turbosteppa'. Forthcoming on Dirtybird Records, 14th November.

The song builds fantastically. The bridge preceding the first drop features a sharp hi-end synth stab every two bars, the anticipation is exemplified by the solid hi-hat hits and clicks stuttering underneath. In addition to this is the repetitive sample luring in the background, progressively crescendoing to the drop.

Once the song fully hits, we are greeted with an incredibly bass heavy sound, not too different to the forthcoming French Fries release on the same label. You can feel the bass rumbling throughout your body and on the root note of each bar we welcome the large rumble that creates the aforementioned. Rhythmically accessible, yet not conventional, this track is quintessentially Dirtybird, the weird FX sounds, bleep and all together strange sounds lurking in the shadows make this tune instantly associable with Dirtybird.

The artwork is pretty intense too...

- Samuel Hughes

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